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What have we being upto whilst we are closed.

By April 1, 2020No Comments

Just because we are closed doesn’t mean we have stopped working. Whilst I’m sure we would agree that we would rather it be business as normal for everyone, but we are all doing our bit by staying at home and reducing the spread. It’s unfortunate that you can’t post your feet to us for us to “sort out” and then send them back to you. Therefore, we have to find other things to keep ourselves occupied. With that in mind we decided we would take this time when we are not seeing any patients to sort out those things that we normally have very little time to do. This will mean that when we return to work, we will be able to offer a better service to both new and existing patients.

So, what are we actually doing then:

  • Assorted continued professional development
  • Required annual updates e.g. Local anesthetic
  • Updates to practice forms and documents.
  • Blog pieces for the website and social media content
  • Research into products and equipment for the benefit of our patients eg online booking system.


Along with all of the above the single most important process will be undertaken is designing a system to put in place for when we do reopen in order to keep everyone safe who needs to attend the practice whilst we gradually return to normal life.

We will be implementing a triage process in order to ascertain those patients that will require treatment in order to prevent more serious medical complications and thus reducing the strain on the NHS.