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Specialist Verruca and Wart Clinic

Verrucae are warts that occur on the feet, most commonly on the soles and toes. They are benign tumours caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and are contagious. Verrucae are most often contracted in moist, damp areas such as swimming pools or communal changing areas and can lay dormant for many years.

We offer a range of treatments at Cambridge House for verrucaes:

Conservative treatment involving regular removal of the hard skin overlying the verruca to keep the area pain free. £35

Chemical treatments caustics such as salicylic acid (60%) or silver nitrate. £35

Cryotherapy the use an extremely low temperature to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue £35

Needling is believed to work by destroying the infected skin cells and then creating a controlled inflammatory response which stimulates the body’s immune system to destroy the virus. Needling is carried out painlessly under a local anaesthetic. The verruca is punctured with a small sterile needle multiple times to expose the viral particles to the immune regulators in the deeper skin layers. This can stimulate the immune system to recognise and destroy the virus. This treatment has been successfully used by practitioners worldwide for over 40 years. It differs from most other treatments as it requires only one, occasionally two, applications and a small dressing for just 48 hours post operatively. £120

Verrutop This a new treatment to the UK Market, Verrutop constitutes of a formulation of nitric and organic acids, zinc and copper salts. This powerful concoction when applied carefully to a verruca causes the infected tissues to desiccate. The nitric acid basically triggers cell death. Research suggests that Verrutop is a highly successful treatment for verrucas and warts after a maximum of SIX treatments (average of three). £50 per application